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ICP Work Areas


1. Research

Find commonalities in all scriptures, precepts and practices, collaborate with one another in building a cohesive and mutually considerate society in India and the world and for the promotion of peace, justice and human rights, thereby reaffirming our total commitment to national and world integration. Thus believers of different faiths would undertake a never ending quest to imbibe a deeper knowledge of their own faith and build bridges with the followers of other faiths.

2. Awareness & Interaction

To hold meetings / consultations with religious leaders in India and abroad and network with other interfaith organizations and to organize short and long term training programmes, seminars, workshops and consultations.

3. Capacity Building

"Systematic equipping of people" four developing their inherent potential to respond creatively to the challenges thrown by the ever changing world today and, for this purpose, to engage in diapraxis.

4. Conflict Resolution

Organize volunteers across India, and train them through spiritual, social, economic, ecological and political awakening, instilling in them best spiritual standards of living, peace making and being sensitive to the society they live in and interact with. While doing so they involve themselves fully for the establishment of a new order of peace and justice based on love and mutual respect.

Our Programme resource team

President                    Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood (
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Vice President-I           Mrs. Laxmi Sharma
Vice-President-II          Mr. S. Nirmal Singh
Secretary/Treasurer    Rev. Fr. Packiam T. Samuel

The official organ of ICP

ICP publishes a quarterly multi-faith journal "Building Bridges" in order to take the concept of unity in diversity to the whole of India and to every corner of the world and, for this purpose, to network individuals and communities of diverse affiliations especially in India and abroad.


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