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5th Feb 2012


Mangalore: To mark the 40 anniversary of KACES Hostel, The Karnataka Christian Educational Society in association with Interfaith Coalition for Peace, New Delhi organized 'Saamarasya 2012 on Balmatta grounds here on February 5.

The programme began with an invocation by the students of KTC. Treasurer KACES, Rev Dr D R Sadananda welcomed the gathering.

The peace festival "Saamarasya" was inaugurated by the president of Interfaith Coalition for Peace, New Delhi Dr Syed Zafar Mahmood and Ivan D'Souza by freeing the doves.

Addressing the gathering Dr Syed said, "God is the creator of the whole universe and the entire mankind. He gifted us with free will and gave us the opportunity to live our life as we like. Being his children we have to walk in his way and to please him but he did not impose any restrictions on us."

Further he said, "Muslim and Christian communities are not getting chance to serve in the administrative level for which our own communities are responsible. Our community people are not attempting to appear in competitive exams and we are losing the chance to serve in the administration." He urged the parents to encourage their children to appear for such exams and to get a chance in serving in the administrative level.

Secretary and treasurer of Coalition for Peace Dr Packiam Samuel released the KACES souvenir on the occasion. Addressing the gathering Packiam said that Mangalore had witnessed a number of communal clashes. By organizing the peace festival Saamarasya, KACES has played an important role in bringing the communities together. This showed the unity in diversity and it would bring about a lot of difference in the community, he opined.

Ivan D'Souza and M B Puranik also spoke on the occasion. The KACES employees who served the institution were felicitated with shawl, garland and fruits. Prizes were distributed to the winners on the occasion.

Director Fatima Retreat House Fr Ronny Prabhu explaining the meaning of Saamarasya said, "When a person looks into the eyes of another and says he or she is my brother or sister that is called Saamarasya. When we get our religious identity, others will go away from us and our identity will become exclusive and we will become a separate family. When we want to bring Saamarasya, we want to forget our own identity and include others in our day to day life and live with unity."

He asked if any politician would praise the good work of opposite party or if anyone be honest enough to praise and acknowledge the good work of the opposition. "We have to broaden our horizon and try to praise the good work and bring saamarasya in the society. We love our religion more than God. We have given priority to religion more than God. We must love God instead of loving our religion and we will be able to stop all the communal clashes," he opined.

"People of all the religions must forgive each other. When we are unable to forgive each other communal disharmony will start in the society. Human beings are weak and make mistakes. We have to be broadminded to forgive others," he added. While concluding he invoked a universal prayer and said, "Lokah samastah, sukhino bhavantu" ( May all the beings in the world become happy).
Secretary KACES Dr Honey Cabral in his presidential address said, " All who live together on earth will live together in Heaven. We belong to various groups but when we come together as brothers and sisters we see the presence of God."

PRO KACES pastor Sandeep Theophil delivered the vote of thanks. The programme ended with a cultural programme presented by the students of various churches.


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