Events of the Past
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One Reality Conference, Hawaii, USA

[Posted on 10 Sep 2011] click here

Mushaira Jashn-e-Aman, LB Hotel, Sada, Nagpur

[Posted on July 20 2011] click here

Youth Interfaith Summit, Khandala, Pune

[June 20-27 2011] click here

UPSC Test Interview

[May 30-31 2011]

Interfaith Cultural Festival, Mangalore

[April 29-30 2011] click here

Inclusiveness and Justice: The Challenges and Promises of Interfaith Work, IICC, New Delhi

[Posted on Mar 6 2011] click here

Interfaith Conference, Gujarat

[11 Feb 2011]

National Religious Leaders Round-table, New Delhi

[3-5 Dec 2010] click here

Symposium on Asian Religion, Madras University, Chennai, TN

[8-9 Nov 10]

Peace = Future, 5 Days, Ross Hill, Vishakhapatnam

[1-5 Nov 10] click here

Kolkata Interfaith Program, Kolkata, WB

[7 November 2010] click here

Bangkok Consultation, Bangkok, Thailand

[26-29 October 2010] click here

Bilateral Interfaith Consultation "Towards Better Indo-Pak Relations"

[Oct 26-28 2010] click here

Seminar on Religion and Peace, Ranchi, Jharkhand

[Posted on October 5 2010] click here

Seminar on Role of Women in Communal Harmony, Ranchi, Jharkhand

[Posted on Oct 4 2014] click here

Interfaith Interaction with Neighbours, IICC, New Delhi

[Posted on October 2 2010] click here

Interfaith Program on HIV/AIDS

[27-28 Sep 2010] click here

Interfaith Conclave, Guwahati, Assam

[9-10 Sep 2010] click here

One Day Interfaith Seminar, Organised by: ICP- Senate of Serampur and Henry Martin Institute of Islamic Studies

[19 July 2010] click here

Muslim Christian Bonhomie Conclave and a 100 word statement towards achieving this objective, IICC New Delhi

[Aug 6 2010] click here

Interfaith Conclave, Amritsar

[12-14 August 2010] click here

ICP Interfaith Women's Meeting, Cochin, Kerala

[11-14 June 2010] click here

Senate of Serampore & ICP Program, Kottayam, Kerala

[16 June 2010] click here

Interfaith Commonalities: Best Practices By: Imam Mohammad Bashar Arafat, New Delhi

[17 May 2010] click here

Program on Interfaith, Bhopal

[29 April 2010] click here

Christian Theologizing and Social Thinking in India - Discernment, interconnection, transition and new direction

[23-25 April 2010] click here

Program on Interfaith, Jammu and Kashmir

[16 April 2010] click here

Charcha-Satra (The Discussion) on India: Envisioning New horizon's with Peace Alternatives Mid-India Regional Conference, Nagpur

[10 April 2010] click here

The Peaceful Co-existence among Religions and their Essential Unity, Aligarh

[08-09 March 2010] click here

National Seminar on Religion, Ethics and Media Hon'ble Parithi Ellamvazhuthi, Chennai

[9 March 2010] click here

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