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Workshop on Peace & Communal Harmony
Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
Jan 27 2013


Bhubaneswar at the presence of more than 200 participants across the state from different sections of society especially advocates, academician, media, administrators, student, teachers and farmers. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Akshay Kumar, convenor of Navnirman Samiti and state coordinator ICP, New Delhi, where honorable justice of Odisha High Court Mr. M.M Dash as chief guest, eminent Sarvodaya leader and peace activist Dr. S.N Subarao, senior journalist Mr. Rabi Dash, Fr. Paul Chandra Nanda as guest of honor, former information commissioner Prof. Radhamohan as chief speaker and Prof. M.Q. Khan, attended the workshop.

The theme of the workshop was the role of media, administration and judiciary for restoration of peace and communal harmony. India is a rare country in the whole world and India can show the path of peace and harmony the world, Prof. M.Q. khan said in his key note address. Honorable justice of Odisha High Court Mr. M.M Dash said in his inaugural address, that media persons have to play a positive role in the society to curb differences to promote harmony by resorting to fact-based reporting and writings. He also appealed to administrative machinery to do their duties in a scientific and dedicated manner to ensure that the so called judiciary encroachment does not take place. Noted Gandhian activist S.N subarao said that, media plays a very crucial role in building bridges amongst rivals and finding commonalities among adversaries by adhering to basic principles of morality. He said, Mahabharat war does not happen at Kurukshetra. It happens in the mind of Duryodhan. So we have to work to change the mind of people. He invited participants to start act on restoration of peace from today, then peace and communal harmony can be established. Noted social activist and former information commissioner Prof. Radhamohan said that one canít be live in prosperity without establishment of peace in society. He said, there is peace and harmony among animals and birds, but we, the human beings are destroying the peace of society and disturbing the harmony of nature. He explained some examples of war prone mindset of different Nations. Prof. Radhamohan laid emphasis on proper awareness programme among the common people to spread the gained skills and knowledge from this workshop to their respective areas to strengthen a democratic and tolerable society. Senior journalist Mr. Rabi Das said in his speech that, narrow communal feelings is always a great threat for our mother earth. So, media has to play an important role to make educate people on this instead of spreading the poison of communal disharmony and violence. Father Paul Chandra Nanda said that, love is the basic message of all religion. All religion teaches the lesson of love and forgiveness. We donít understand it and go on a wrong path of the violence. Any kind of violence is not accepted in any religion.
Navnirman Samiti has been working for peace and communal harmony among different sections of society after the communal riot of Kndhamala, Mr. Akshay Kumar, convenor of this programme said. Announcing the future action plan, he stated, a nucleus of the advocates, media personnelís, and administrators would be formed to take the positive action in the future instead of being reactive as the counter force whenever violence and communal clash happens. With vote of thanks from Mr. B.A Tanveer, inaugural season was came to end and then second season was started with chairman ship of Ravi Das and brought the conclusion to form a nucleus among different sections, that will take the action before any disharmony takes place.


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